Saved Hour Salary Extension for Level 6 Incumbent Postmasters

Save Pay Extension

POStPlan from its inception has been a work in progress, and it continues to evolve.  One of the key triggers in this program was the arbitrator’s ruling on September 5th.  In that decision it was ruled that Non-Traditional Full-Time Clerks would be hired to run all the vacant Level 6 post offices.  This prompted us to revisit the pay scale for the incumbent Level 6 Postmasters.  It was clear to Mark Strong (former president of the League) and I that an inequity existed in the pay scales between Postmasters and clerks doing the same job.  When Sean Acord assumed the position as President of the League on November 1st, we continued, as promised, to make this a priority in discussions with the Postal Service.

We have had several meetings on this topic and I am very pleased to announce that all Level 6 RMPOs and PTPOs Postmasters who are currently receiving save hourly rate will be able retain that benefit until September 2016.  This is another example of how — by working together with the Postal Service’s Senior Management team, and especially Megan Brennan, our Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President — we’ve been able to find a fair resolution to a difficult issue.

This shows us that the Postal Service recognizes the dedication of these longtime employees and is committed to treating them fairly.  I hope this will soften the impact to the Postmasters who were unable to find a full time EAS positions, those whose only available landing spot is the Level 6 Position they currently have, or are scheduled to be riffed into on January 10th.

As the Holiday season approaches, I would also like to say how important it is that we take time to remember the things that truly matter.  To all Postmasters Active and Retired, I hope you are able to spend time with the people who mean the most to you, and I wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Anthony D. Leonardi

NAPUS National President

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