Postal Service Cancels Temporary 2% Salary Cap on POStPlan Promotions to EAS-18 Postmaster Positions

As a result of consultations between the Postmaster associations and representatives at Postal Headquarters, the temporary 2% salary cap on POStPlan promotions to EAS-18 Postmaster positions has been lifted. The Postal Service has cancelled the temporary POStPLan Promotional Salary Policy for Postmasters that capped salary increases resulting from promotions to an EAS-18 Postmaster position at 2 percent POStPlan Promotions. This decision will effectively cancel the temporary policy that has been in effect since June 19, 2012 POStPlan Promotions June 19 2012. Effective immediately, EAS-18 Postmaster positions will be covered by the original policy memo that was released on June 24, 2011 Non Bargaining Promotions.

Charlie Moser
March 29, 2013

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