Need Your Help With Membership

We need your help. Attached, is a list of PA members that stopped paying dues in December and are about to be purged from the membership files. If you see someone on the list you know, contact them and see if you can get them to come back to our ranks. Kathy Frame is working very hard to get our membership up and needs your help with this. The town they live in is listed, but not their street address. I didn’t feel comfortable putting all of that out there. If you know someone here and need the full address, contact Kathy or myself privately and we’ll give you that. Remember – membership is everyone’s job!

PA NAPUS Purge File

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Riverboat Jazz Band Dinner Cruise at National Convention

For all the Pennsylvania NAPUS members and guests that are registered for the National Convention in New Orleans —

We are attending the riverboat jazz band dinner cruise on Saturday night at the convention as a group. The reservations for all 52 currently registered from PA as of May 26th are already made!! If you know of someone else that is planning on going but hasn’t registered yet, PLEASE contact Jeff Lightner ASAP so that they can be included. We cannot add people to the cruise after we get there.

There are over 200 from NAPUS attending this dinner cruise and the reservations have to be completed as quickly as possible. Again – if you have already sent your registration in, do NOT sign up for the cruise because you are already included!!!

Thanks and see you in New Orleans!!!

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Part Time Postmasters Pay Increased to $15.63 Per Hour

PTPM’s Receive Pay Increase

I am pleased to announce an agreement with the postal service that recognizes the unfair starting wage differential of many of our PTPO Postmasters. The attached is a letter dated October 16, 2015 from the Postmaster General (Megan Brennan):

Pay Adjustment PTPMs

To summarize the above, if you are a PTPO Postmaster that is making less than $15.63 per hour (starting wage of a PSE) then you will receive an increase to bring you up to this minimum. This change is tentatively scheduled to take place on January 9th, 2016. This agreement does not in any way eliminate all situations where a clerk working in an RMPO may be making more per hour than the Postmaster. In some situations this exact scenario will continue in certain sites. You have to understand how we got to this point in time to understand how a craft employee can make more per hour than the manager in the facility. EPM Postmasters (which is what our level 6 PM’s are classified as) have always made less than clerks. All Postmasters pay is based on a pay scale for each level of office. The craft pay is based on a national level. In the past this was not our concern, because clerks never worked in EPM offices. Now that they are working in the EPM offices, doing the same work, this has created the disparity. This agreement is a small step in the right direction but one that has taken multiple attempts to resolve. A “thank you” goes out to Megan Brennan and Doug Tulino for finalizing this agreement.

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NAPUS Unanimously Votes to Consolidate With The League AND Jeff Schoch Voted in as National Vice President of Area 2!!

     This morning at the NAPUS National Convention in Mobile, AL, NAPUS members unanimously agreed to vote to consolidate with The National League of Postmasters to form one new organization to be called United Postmasters and Managers of America. The new organization will begin on November 1, 2016. Next year’s national convention will be held in New Orleans and will be the FINAL NAPUS convention. We are looking for as many people as possible to attend. Registration fees are lower until 9/3 and then change at other intervals. The registration form is on the NAPUS National Website and will be in an upcoming issue of The Pennsylvania Register. Rooms will be going quickly, so book your rooms now. There is a link on the 2016 convention link to get your room online now. This was just opened today. You can also call the hotel directly to reserve your room. All information is on We already have over 200 members of The League that are signed up to join us. They have been invited to attend with us.
     Also voted on this morning was our own Jeff Schoch was voted in as National Vice President of Area 2. He went up against LaShawn Jones of Delaware, who was a former member of the board. Jeff won with a large amount of the votes. Congratulations to Jeff as he will keep up the tradition of Pennsylvania having a member sitting on the National Executive Board!!
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On August 12, the Postal Service asked the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) to begin a proceeding to change the way in which the agency accounts for certain costs associated with POStPlan-impacted small and rural post offices. On August 17, the Postal Regulatory Commission established a public proceeding to consider the Postal Service’s request. It appears that the Postal Service would like to combine clerk expenditures associated with POStPlan impacted offices with the costs of clerks employed in larger offices. At the NAPUS Convention, the Executive Board will discuss how this proposed new arrangement could affect the fair evaluation of the financial impact associated with POStPlan.


Saved Hour Salary Extension for Level 6 Incumbent Postmasters

Save Pay Extension

POStPlan from its inception has been a work in progress, and it continues to evolve.  One of the key triggers in this program was the arbitrator’s ruling on September 5th.  In that decision it was ruled that Non-Traditional Full-Time Clerks would be hired to run all the vacant Level 6 post offices.  This prompted us to revisit the pay scale for the incumbent Level 6 Postmasters.  It was clear to Mark Strong (former president of the League) and I that an inequity existed in the pay scales between Postmasters and clerks doing the same job.  When Sean Acord assumed the position as President of the League on November 1st, we continued, as promised, to make this a priority in discussions with the Postal Service.

We have had several meetings on this topic and I am very pleased to announce that all Level 6 RMPOs and PTPOs Postmasters who are currently receiving save hourly rate will be able retain that benefit until September 2016.  This is another example of how — by working together with the Postal Service’s Senior Management team, and especially Megan Brennan, our Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President — we’ve been able to find a fair resolution to a difficult issue.

This shows us that the Postal Service recognizes the dedication of these longtime employees and is committed to treating them fairly.  I hope this will soften the impact to the Postmasters who were unable to find a full time EAS positions, those whose only available landing spot is the Level 6 Position they currently have, or are scheduled to be riffed into on January 10th.

As the Holiday season approaches, I would also like to say how important it is that we take time to remember the things that truly matter.  To all Postmasters Active and Retired, I hope you are able to spend time with the people who mean the most to you, and I wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

Anthony D. Leonardi

NAPUS National President

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Postmaster Organizations Informed that RIF Effective Date Postponed until 1/10/15!

Postmaster Organizations informed that RIF effective Date Postponed until 01/10/2015

There are a lot of anxious POStPlan impacted Postmasters waiting for final news on the specific RIF timelines and events associated with this phase of POStPlan implementation. We continue to meet with Postal Headquarters and minor changes come from each of these meetings which will push back any formal announcement.  The Postmaster organizations and Postal Headquarters have spent a great deal of time discussing the implementation and events that will lead up to the final RIF date, with the same end result in mind—get everyone placed before the RIF effective date. These discussions have been in the best interests of all Postmasters who are still impacted and because of this the RIF timeline has been extended. The effective RIF date for impacted Postmasters will now be 1/10/2015.

Timelines for notification of impacted Postmasters, Specific RIF dates and possible VER dates will be released in the upcoming weeks. We clearly understand the importance of getting all the dates and events out to impacted Postmasters we hope the extension of the RIF effective date relieves some of that stress.

Everyone needs to be very clear on what data will be used to evaluate the remaining 3,200 plus offices. For two years we have shared the process agreed upon with Postal Headquarters. That being said, before RIF letters are sent out, all remaining offices with incumbent Postmasters will be evaluated using FY/13 data to determine the level of the office.  Some will go up, some will go down and some will stay the same. This does not change anything for Level 18s with incumbent Postmasters -they will be locked at Level 18 until the end of FY/16. Those offices that meet the AEWL criteria will be upgraded the first Pay Period in October, 2014.

After the Level 16 and below offices are reviewed for the official POStPLAN level, the impacted Postmasters will receive official notification about the timeline, voluntary assignment options, possible VER and PM career options. If you believe there has been a mistake in either receiving or not receiving notification, you need to contact your District immediately for clarification. Please contact us at the NAPUS National office if you have any questions.

It is still the intent of Postal Headquarters to find a landing spot for every Postmaster who wants to stay in the Postal Service. The Postmaster General included that statement in both of his last two State of the Business video found on the Link.  Postmasters need to help themselves to become good candidates for available positions and be flexible about new opportunities. I encourage you to apply for all career position as they become available to insure that you are placed prior to the RIF effective date.

We continue to be asked if there will be a VER. The Postal Service already has authorization to offer the VER but what continues to be discussed with the Postal Headquarters is the question about an incentive tied to the VER. This is still on the table and an important part of future meetings.

It may be a few weeks before any formal communication is released with all RIF dates, timelines, and RIF events: we are working towards the best end result we can get during this timeframe. We will continue to message out the information as soon it becomes available.

Tony Leonardi,  NAPUS National President

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APWU Wins Huge Arbitration For Clerks in Small Offices

The union won a major arbitration victory on March 29, when Arbitrator Shyam Das issued a long-awaited decision that will affect Clerk Craft jobs in small post offices. The ruling settles a long-simmering dispute about the amount of bargaining unit work postmasters and supervisors may perform in Level 18-and-below offices.

“This decision will mean more hours for the clerks who work in small offices and more Clerk Craft jobs,” said APWU President Cliff Guffey.

Arbitrator Das upheld the union’s position, ruling that an agreement between the union and management sets absolute limits on the number of hours postmasters may perform bargaining unit work (BUW) in small offices. A “Global Settlement” that was included in the 2010-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement, says Postmasters may perform up to 15 hours of bargaining unit work in Level 18 Post Offices and up to 25 hours in Level 15 and Level 16 offices.

During bargaining, when the agreement was struck, the APWU proposed language stipulating that, “All time the supervisor or Postmaster spends staffing the window during the day will be counted towards the permissible BUW limits.”  The USPS agreed.

The union clearly stated during negotiations that if the window is open for business, it is being staffed. If the person staffing the window is a Postmaster, all time the window is open must count against the limits, regardless of other tasks the Postmaster performs during that time.

After agreeing to the language in negotiations, the USPS took the position at headquarters, in the field and at the arbitration hearing that what management intended was not “all time” staffing the window, but rather “earned time” or “actual time” working the window, as reported by the Postmasters and supervisors  themselves.  “All time spent staffing the window” didn’t mean what it said, management asserted.

The arbitrator rejected management’s arguments, ruling that “All time the supervisor or Postmaster spends staffing the window . . . applies to all time the supervisor or Postmaster is covering the window, which, in the absence of a clerk, includes all time the window is open.”

“This is a major win for the APWU, and especially for clerks who work in small offices where Postmasters have been improperly taking work from our members for years,” said Industrial Relations Director Mike Morris. “The task ahead is to enforce the agreement. We will leave no stone unturned to make sure that happens.”

President Guffey praised the ruling. “We want to thank the officers and members who supported the union through this protracted fight,” he said.  “Many union officers and staffers assisted in researching, preparing and presenting this case. They did an outstanding job.”

Another disputed section of the Global Settlement dealt with offices that were downgraded under the Delivery Unit Optimization (DUO) program after Nov. 21, 2010.  The arbitrator ruled that the APWU agreed to an exception for offices without a clerk that are downgraded to Level 13 or-below offices.  “This very narrow exception should not work to the detriment of any bargaining unit employees, because it only applies to offices that have no clerks,” Morris said.

“This award sets the table for our challenge to POStPlan, which was another full frontal attack on our union and especially on clerks in small offices,” he said.  A hearing on that dispute is scheduled before Arbitrator Stephen B. Goldberg on April 16 and 17.

“The POStPlan is next,” Morris said. “Stay tuned.”

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Postal Service Cancels Temporary 2% Salary Cap on POStPlan Promotions to EAS-18 Postmaster Positions

As a result of consultations between the Postmaster associations and representatives at Postal Headquarters, the temporary 2% salary cap on POStPlan promotions to EAS-18 Postmaster positions has been lifted. The Postal Service has cancelled the temporary POStPLan Promotional Salary Policy for Postmasters that capped salary increases resulting from promotions to an EAS-18 Postmaster position at 2 percent POStPlan Promotions. This decision will effectively cancel the temporary policy that has been in effect since June 19, 2012 POStPlan Promotions June 19 2012. Effective immediately, EAS-18 Postmaster positions will be covered by the original policy memo that was released on June 24, 2011 Non Bargaining Promotions.

Charlie Moser
March 29, 2013

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4,600 Post Offices to be upgraded under POStPlan

The list of offices to be upgraded can be viewed using Excel by clicking this link: Post Office Upgrades. For the PDF version click here: Post Office Upgrades

The list of offices proposed for downgrade under POStPlan can be viewed in PDF format by clicking this link: Affected Post Offices .

The updated list (as of May 17, 2012) of plants under consideration for consolidation is posted here: Facilities list ›

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